Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May

We are all breathing. :) Today George and I celebrated an anniversary. We have been together 11 years....WOW! It doesn't feel like it has been that long. We are forever changing separately and together.
Trinity watched us dance this morning. It was so sweet when I glanced over at her smiling at us and laughing. She witnesses love, a healthy love. 

Trinity woke up this morning and saw George and kissed and hugged him and said good morning daddy...I feel like there isn't anything more beautiful then hearing spoken love. She is changing so much. I can't believe how much she is growing up. She said that she is a kid and that some times she doesn't always understand things that adults understand. She gets confused sometimes but she knows that soon she will get it. Those are her words. 
I can feel and see this separation happening and then most often she pulls herself back to me. She loves to be with me and by my side. More so now then before. She can feel herself changing. And sometimes she cries and says that she wants to stay a child. Then sometimes she says she can't wait to dye her hair pink when she is 16..I asked if she wanted to wait until she was 8 or 11  she says how about 16? 
She has found some lipstick of mine and mascara and she likes to put it on. She told me that she feels very beautiful with it on. I have my inner stuff going on about that. I don't even wear the stuff. I tell her that she looks beautiful with her natural skin. She says but mom I like how I look with it on. I agree with her with a big teeth grin. Every time we leaves the house now we bring a bag full of dresses just in case she changes her mind. She likes to change her mind on what she wears....... a lot.
We found out the hard way as we were in the car ready to go and she changed her mind. I realized that if I really wanted to to change my clothes I would have ran inside to do so. But I got caught up in "we have to go". A good friend of mine suggested for me to ask her while getting ready if she would like to bring some dresses just in case. She packs her pink bag every time. She feels so good about it and so do I. It is very empowering for her. I want to empower her. I have to create more empowering situations for her. One struggle is that when she is playing with BellaSky she doesn't hear when BellaSky says no or stop. Trinity keeps on going. I am trying to help her be aware of her space and others space. But she is having a really hard time with that. She does it with me and George as well. I feel like we are over the hump and it is getting a little easier but it is unpredictable. 
BellaSky said happy today. We were singing if you're happy and you know it........she just kept saying happy happy...She is so delicious. 

George got an MP3 player...I'm blogging, he has his tunes...We are getting with the
upgrading our technical younger sisters would be so proud.

We have some trips planned ahead of us. We are going to up state NY Memorial Day weekend, then to a Women's Festival in June. Trinity turns 5 on June 27th. She is very excited. Her grandpa and gigi will be here and her cousins Jaden and Talia along with her aunt and uncle...She can't wait.  She really misses her grandpa and gigi..She was just saying it tonight. She doesn't like being so far away from them. 

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Anonymous said...

you guys haven't been out of the loop that long... george is a long time electronics geek..... he used to have every camera, video, tv, video game out there.... and remember the days with your boys, hanging out smoking stoggies!

you have to remember when you couldn't wait to wear make-up :~)...

we will see you guys in june... love gigi and grandpa