Thursday, April 3, 2008

Miss BellaSky

In the life of BellaSky.  She is using more words but for the most part she is signing and gesturing. It has been such a joy to watch her change in her own time.
She tells us when she has to go to the bathroom( she is on a peeing on the potty strike)
She tells us when she wants to go to sleep.
She tells us when she wants milk( well of course she does)
She tells us when she is hungry and thirsty. (she really prefers fruit)
She tells us when she wants to go outside( everyday)
Hurts and boo boos- We kiss them.
She walks away from us when she is mad. 
She bites Trinity when she isn't heard by her.
She runs to the door when her daddy comes home, if she is outside she runs to him as he is getting out of the car. She gives him the biggest hugs. 
She dances when their is music on.
She signs monkey and makes the sweetest monkey sound when she wants to watch Curious George. She looks at it for a second then is on to something else.
She loves animals and does the best horse impersonation.
She crawls and roars like a lion- after her sister.
Her bath is her favorite place.
Under the covers makes her laugh a lot.
The latest thing is naming all of her body parts. She loves to say butt and elbow. When anyone passes gas she laughs and says "Butt!"
She runs around naked with Trinity and runs after Trinity's butt.
Her favorite book is Sing and Hum- a story about a bumble bee.
She picks out her cloths and prefers to be naked.
She climbs in her stroller and says GO!
And....she lovesssssss chocolate. It was her second word.."Chocot?" We only give the best kind 70 to 80% dark. 
She has a shoe fetish. 
Her favorite toys are balls and babies.
She has amazing facial expressions and they all say something so different and it they are understandable.
She will always let you know what works for her and what doesn't. Trust that. You need to ask her first before doing anything.. Once in a blue moon she will let it slide if you forget.
She is an empowered toddler. Don't ever forget it.;)
Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy BellaSky.


:jane said...

Hi Natalie. Bella Sky sounds so much like Sammy. chocolate, shoes, babies and balls ... exactly! Sammy doesn't know too many body parts yet but she loves to say and point to her nose, omg, its so cute.

Love your post. thanks.

Jane (from the RULoA list)

Anonymous said...

Bella Sky is so beautiful – GiGi and Grandpa will send more chocolate :)

Love You and miss you