Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In her words

Trinity wants to share what her favorite color is. It is rainbow. 
The colors of the rainbow-orange, red, purple, green, pink, yellow, brown, (do you already have red?) silver, magenta, and sparkly. 

Lets see I wish I could go to a fair. We haven't gone to the beach and we also haven't gone to a fair. I am learning my words. I am learning pencil, boat, paper...I like to take pictures really much but right now I am eating a banana so I can't take any pictures. 

I can spell my own name. And my name.... trinity and I can write..... bellasky and mammy and hbnjhu aka daddy.
Trinity just asked me why is the computer saying my spelling is wrong? I told her the computer doesn't recognize your spelling. And she said that maybe she should contact the people who made the computer and show them her way of spelling so they can learn it.


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