Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catching Up

A couple of weeks ago we had our homeschooling group come over our house. We had a food series and I volunteered to teach the children how to make a Portuguese pastry that I don't know how to say in Portuguese, but George does. It is sort of the same as a zeppole, (fried dough in powdered sugar), but we used butternut squash and flour, fried it then rolled it in sugar and cinnamon. It was delicious. This is why we only eat stuff like this during the holidays. Very bad for you.YUM! They were gone as fast as we could make them. We are apart of such a wonderful group. There is so much culture and spice and it feels like home for me. Trinity has a wide age range of friends and she looks forward to it every week.  

Our Dog
We found a new home for our dog Shea. It was a very hard decision to make. We had been going back and forth since November. She was BellaSky's buddy and Trinity had a hard time getting comfortable with her because she was so big. But loved her just the same.
It is better that she is in a home where a family can give her all the attention she deserves.  I honestly couldn't do it anymore. What ever energy I had left in me went to keeping myself sane..
A week before Shea left BellaSky started saying her name. It was very sad. Trinity made her a card and put a picture of us with Shea in a box and gave it to the new family so Shea will always remember us. I was really prepared for it to take a while for Trinity to get over it, but she hasn't said anything since the day after she left. 

Trinity put a yellow ribbon around her and walked her around the house

BellaSky could touch her anywhere and Shea would just lay there.

BellaSky and her horse

Welcome Spring!
The day e left for TN, I walked outside and felt this deep appreciation for Spring. It felt like our tree bloomed over night,  and the bushes in front of the house bloomed. Such vibrant colors. With all the rain we had, that day was the first day the sun came out. We really needed the rain, but I am sure the plants were just as happy for the sun. This is the infamous ous tree that sold me on the house. It was green I think when I first saw it. I thought it was such a great climbing tree for the girls. So what a wonderful surprise when we saw it blooming pink. It is our first Spring in NC. 

           Before we left                                                                         

After a couple of days

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