Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthing Myself From Within

We are back from the farm.....I am breathing...:) We didn't have any internet service otherwise I would have been able to share while it all was still fresh in my body. It was so amazing. I am still processing everything. There was so much infomation to be ingested. I still feel so full right now.

The farm was beautiful from what I saw. I didn't have any time to venture out. George and the girls got to see cobb homes, eco villiage, glass domes which looked like a sweat lodge. They went on a hike and Trinity played in a lake with a friend Jangra who was the same age. We shared a house with another training attendee and her family. Trinity and Jangra played a lot. BellaSky played a little with Baracka who was 9months old. George was with the girls basically the entire weekend. They had a blast together. I had lunch and dinner breaks for an hour which is when I nursed BellaSky. She was very happy to see

My heart is so full. I know I am landing from this high I have been on. Being in a room filled with women is such a powerful gift. There were I think 35 women there, maybe more. To stand in wittness and connect on deep levels is what I am most greatful for. I walked away with some really great friends. They are in different parts of the world and it is very exciting to know we can visit. There were midwives, nurses, doulas, LLL leaders, mothers and maidens. My personal favorite was birth art. I loved visualizaton and it was very healing for me. I was able to step over the threshold and continue on my path, this journey. The practice of this philosophy doesn't only pertain to birth but to life.

How do you not get intimate with Pam England after the weekend we just had.

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