Saturday, March 15, 2008

We started preparing for our vegetable garden. George took three days off of work so we could build our gate and prepare our dirt. We got some really good rain and the dirt just looked so beautiful. I had to take a picture of it. Thank you mother nature!
I have never had a veggie garden so this is really exciting. Trinity is very excited about it. She keeps telling me that she will eat everything we grow. She also talks about being a vegetarian because she doesn't want to eat her friends..I told her I would make some food just for her. Before I could make it she was eating some chicken out of a bowl.. I said I thought you didn't want to eat meat anymore and she said, well I am a part time vegetarian. 
These past couple of days have been so nice and warm outside. We have been having so much fun playing in the dirt. Two naked children running in the dirt. It cracks me up. BellaSky's favorite thing to do now is Ring Around the Rosie...She grabs mine and Trinity's hand and 
signs please.. 
On Tuesday morning Trinity woke up and said to me. I am happy this is where we live mommy, and I am miss Elizabeth,NJ.  I am so happy that she keeps me updated with where she is. 
We are enjoying the early spring weather in NC..  By this time I would be getting spring fever in NJ.

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