Saturday, February 23, 2008

It is snowing in NJ

My parents sent us a picture of their backyard. It is so beautiful and white. I showed Trinity and she was so excited that she wanted to drive to NJ. When I told her we couldn't go she became so sad. About six months ago we moved to NC from NJ. I can't believe how quickly it happened. We visited in Feb. and closed on our house the last day of July. Trinity misses her grandpa and gigi so much. She said to me this morning while laying in bed, that when she looks at me I remind her of them and that makes her sad. We cuddled for such a long time. The last couple of days Trinity has been able to articulate exactly what she has been needing when it comes to affection. Not only has she been able to ask she is letting us hug her and love her up. It has felt very nice. That is my love language. I realize that it may not always be hers. So I have had to be creative on meeting her needs when she isn't articulating them in a way that doesn't come from my expression but from hers. I wish there was a way I can meet her need to see my parents though. I should ask her and see what she says.

Today felt like a snow day. We stayed in bed longer then usual talking under the covers. It is like our body knows or remembers that we are supposed to be inside during this time of year. It gets chilly here but nothing like NJ. I do miss the white blankets and having a good reason to drink hot cocoa. It has only snowed once, but not nearly enough to make a decent snowman. That will take some time getting used to.  
We decided to celebrate the snow in NJ by making homemade pasta which actually tasted like thick bread strips. We didn't roll it thin enough I guess. It looked thin until it cooked.
 We also made cupcakes to celebrate Trinity's bear birthday. We made chocolate frosting for the first time. I was very excited about how it came out. It was a delicious day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Trinity and Bella Sky - I miss you so much, Did you save grandpa a cupcake. I love cupcakes. We had a fun in the snow on Friday. Jaden and I made a snowman. Go to our story and see the pictures.

I love you.


Dayna Martin said...

I loved reading about how you meet Trinity's need for affection. You sound like a very connected Mama.

Those cupcakes look yumyy too!

Tiffany and I were making a cake this morning and Ivy wanted to help. She dumped and entire container of sage into the batter. Needless to say, we had to start over...

Great Blog Natalie!! I'm enjoying it.

Love, Dayna