Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

This Is my very first blog and my very first post. I am so excited that I decided to do this and document what goes on in our unschooling lives and sharing it. I plan on speaking freely and authentically about everything from radical unschooling, consensual living, birth, breastfeeding, relationships, processes, what ever comes up and unfolds..I realize that my intention for this blog was to be updates of Trinity and BellaSky, but I don't know that i can resist sharing what goes on for all of us..We are all connected. 
 Onto the eclipse.:)

Last night I went outside to see if I could see the moon. It was so cloudy, I could only see the light of the moon peaking through the clouds. BellaSky was standing at our bedroom window banging on it trying to get my attention. I went inside and sat with the girls on the bed while they called for the moon. BellaSky's version of moon is moooo moooo she is only 17months old. She kept pointing at it when she would see the light. Every now and again there would be a break in the clouds and we would get a glimpse of her beauty, and the girls would yell from excitement. Trinity would notice a hole in the cloud coming and she would say this may be the perfect one. They screamed again. George was trying to sleep. He had to wake up at 3am for work.  They wanted him to be apart of the fun. Soon it was as if the moon knew we were waiting patiently to see her, the clouds broke and it became clear black sky.  BellaSky's favorite expression is wow in a whisper. Wow mooooo and pointing to it. We had the best seat in the house. Trinity wanted to journal our day. Her words: "it is beautiful it's the sun touching the heart. heart, love of kindness."
The girls watched as the moon changed at least until it looked like a banana then they fell a sleep. After they dozed off the sky became cloudy again. I stayed up and watched it change colors through the cloud breaks. It was so sweet to experience this with them, especially Trinity, she is 4 1/2. She may remember it.

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