Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Moon Behind the Clouds

Standing outside witnessing the moon come out of the shadows of the clouds is like watching myself come out of my shell. It is beautiful to see her. She is beauty. Please let me see you again. There you are, again and again. Please show yourself to me. My truth is painful. Saying my truth out loud is even more painful. Why does it hurt so much. I would rather hide behind the clouds, but she does not. She, the moon, just is. Big, bright, luminous, not afraid to show herself. Not afraid to be big. Always.
I feel like my truth is the disturber. A disturber I do not want to be. I do not want to be a cause of anyone's discomfort. So i hold the discomfort in myself. Silence is protection. But, silence isn't freeing. It only keeps me hidden, and living in fear. And my belly just endures the pain. Making me sick. I want to be the moon. My truth is my beauty and deserves to be spoken. It may not be agreed with, or wanted, nor heard. But it is my belly that I have to live with. I no longer want it to hurt, I no longer want to feel it's pain. So I will share my truth. In fear and in love, I will show myself. It will hurt to integrate the moon inside me to shine regardless who is witnessing. For it will stretch me and bend me open into another big and beautiful self.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One year ago today was the day you were taken away from your children, from us, from me. Today is the day that I knew was coming and could not avoid. I am numb. And have been numb for most of the day. We went on a hike today and lay some flowers by a beautiful tree. It wasn't enough for you, for me. I asked a friend to come over to be with me so i wouldn't be alone. I am glad I did that.

My body remembers vividly where I was and who I was with when I found out. I remember every breath I took on the drive home, just to get me there. I remember the phone calls I made. I remember the feelings of not knowing how to deal. I remember crying all night. I remember not believing it . And I remember being alone. Alone knowing I was never going to hear your voice again..I remember crying quietly because I didn't want to be heard, and my friend Frankie telling me it was okay to be loud. I remember we cried on the phone for an hour. That was what got me through that night. I remember thinking this is not real, it can't be happening. The very next day  I called your cell phone just so I could hear your voice.
I remember laying in bed for weeks. Only getting up when I really had to. I remember how my children didn't understand what was happening with me. I didn't fully understand what was happening to me.
Grief. I have never felt grief like that. Interesting how grief brings up every traumatic thing that has ever happened in your life. Bed was all I wanted. I felt paralyzed and sometimes fear in my body. For the first couple of months while George would go away on 3 day training, I slept with an ax under my pillow. I was totally safe, but I really had it in my head that it was possible that anything could happen. To think all the women out there that are in the same position that Kathy was in. Just breaks my heart. Her murder turned me inside out and made me feel crazy.  This sort of thing changes you forever.

Grieving should never be done alone. It really takes a community to hold it. Some people like to do it alone. I really want to believe that to be true, maybe it is depending on the person, but I believe that what comes up for grief, is dirty, deep, dark, sad, vulnerable...and many many people really don't' know how to deal with someone who is grieving.  So they just stay away.

Grieving someone's death is like giving birth in my experience. As soon as everyone heard the news of her death everyone was sending me messages, asking questions making phone calls. I was overwhelmed.  I didn't respond to hardly any of them because i was in shock. None of it was landing on me. I was detached, and deeply affected.
With birth the emotions are the opposite. I was high. I was elated and not grounded. Everyone wants to see and meet the baby. Hold the baby, change the baby, do something with the baby..tending to the mother is a whole other story and subject in and of it self. I will not get into that. Then everyone leaves and it is you and this little creature that just came out of your body. Learning how to be, a new you, this new being...and everyone is gone. You are happy, ecstatic. But then motherhood sets in I would say 6 weeks into it. And you are alone. Doing it all alone. Then isolation sets in.
With grieving and Kathy's death, it felt similar. About 3 weeks into it the sadness turned into grief.  It was me and this creature-ME.  My body was shutting down, but needing to stay on. My insides were exposed on the outside. My stories were being thrown all over the place. And I was trying to pick them all up so no one would see them, not even I wanted to see them. I was lost and there was no one. It was very scary. Fear set into my body. I did have a long distance friend who called me once a week to check in. There wasn't any judgment of where I was, how long it was taking. It was really helpful. I love my Pamela. I was living one year here, so local community with the exception of Pauline(I am forever grateful for her), wasn't really comfortably with in reach. Grief just feels like the loneliest emotion to go through..I send love to everyone who experiences it.

One of my favorite moments with Kathy was when she or I would come over,  and it was always cuddle time. We would make sure the kids were set. Then we would sneak away, lay in bed and cuddle and talk and process and laugh and cry. When was the last time you cuddled with a friend? It really is a true gift to be that vulnerable, to take that kind of risk in being loved fully, and to love that deeply. She was a very lovable person. It was easy. She loved me well. I miss her so much.  I always will.

The first time we met in 2008

Kathy and Ashley visited us in MA 2011

My birthday 2010

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother's death. Seven years. I knew it was coming a week before. I felt it in my body. The days came and gone. I did everything I needed to do to keep myself busy, but the day still arrived. I didn't wake up one day and realized I had missed it. I remember one year that happened, and I didn't feel good at all..Now that it has past, I don't feel any better. I thought this was supposed to get easier...but it isn't...and, I think it is because grief just brings up all that is to be grieved...The one year anniversary of Kathy's death is coming next month and it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it...I don't like the word anniversary that needs to be changed...

...but back to my mother...

There are so many unfinished conversation, unanswered questions, more hugs to have been had, more times to have been held. To be held a way a mother holds you no matter how old you are...I can only imagine what that feels like as an adult..And, I am angry. I'm sad. I'm grateful. I am all of it.
I am longing for that connection that binds us as mothers, daughters, women, sisters, friends....some people will say your mother is never your friend. I beg the differ. Or maybe I just fantasize about what our relationship would look like in my mind. And in reality that may not be so....but, with my imagination and what I knew of my mother..I think it would have come heart was heavy yesterday, still is today...I don't think that longing will ever go away...ever..

You will always be in my heart, in my conversations in my head, and in my dreams..,

 Charlestown Beach in RI. in honor of my mother, Veronica.


Friday, June 21, 2013


Name Change Growth

I want to officially announce that Trinity has changed her name to Sam. When we lived in NC she changed her name to Crystal. It lasted a couple of weeks..She decided it didn't fit her. This was about 4 years ago.  In the last year and half she has found something that does.
Sam. I do know it started way before this, but I remember last August at the NE Unschooling conference in MA, we received our name badges. She turned hers over and wrote Sam. Some people called her Sam, some called her Trinity. In the last three months it has become more that just a nickname. She wants to be known as Sam. And I am happy to do it, if I can just remember. I have been calling her trinity for the last almost 10 years. It is a hard habit to break.

Sam is very aware of who she feels comfortable telling and who she isn't ready to share it with. She was with her cousins a couple of weeks ago, and if anyone needs reinforcements all you have to do is go to your sister, because BellaSky announced and corrected them by saying her name is Sam. Trinity, see? I forgot.... Sam's belly turned. She didn't tell them for a reason. She knew they wouldn't understand. With curiosity, they asked her why, she explained, they told her she couldn't do that, she said she could, they told if she didn't do it legally then they will call her Trinity. It was her first of many encounters she will have in her life of disapproval of any nonconforming choice she makes (and even using the word choice doesn't sit well with me, because we are who we are. It is by choice we come out.) In this particular situation it had to do with her name.  She left it with, you can say what ever you want, you can call me Trinity but Sam is my name.
I was so proud of her.
She came home asking to change her name legally. If she does it legally, then everyone has to call her by Sam. Sure we can change it legally, but it was motivated by someone's disapproval. That should never be the reason to do anything. It has to come from within. Sit with it, feel it, and see what comes from this. With some processing she came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what a few people think of her, because there are a lot of people in our world that love, respect, accept her for who she is. Most importantly, we love and accept ourselves. And, this encounter doesn't have to change the relationship. She can choose that, too. We just know it is coming from a place of inexperience. A not knowing, fear comes from there. So we can give them time. And if they still resist, then it is there stuff, not hers.

This got me thinking... and I told her that I will really stay conscious of her name. I really want her to know she is seen and supported. Me forgetting isn't coming from a place of resistance, it is really just breaking my second hand nature of calling her Trinity.
She will be seeing her cousins this weekend. I told her when they are around, they are going to hear us call you Sam and they will experience us respecting you and embracing you and loving you...That is what they will see.

One of the reasons she goes by Sam is because it is a gender neutral name. Funny thing is before she was born, I wasn't yet where I am now about gender, labels, identity, sexual identity....the names we chose were Trinity for a girl and Jaden for a boy... I can easily say if I knew then what I know now, I would have called her Jaden because it is gender neutral. But she most likely still would be changing her name because she knows she just can. They live in a world where it isn't just girls and boys, no binaries. Sam can flow through her energies with out any self resistance, judgement, because we never told her she couldn't. Some people in the world will, but she has a very sturdy foundation. Sam is just Sam.

Calling her by different pronouns is another post I will not get into, but they are thinking about it.;)

 . .

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Back in early January I came home from an amazing experience at Shalom. I moved through grief. Grief like I have never experienced. The death of my dear friend, Kathy. I found joy on the other side...and I never imagined that i would. What I came away with was, to live. To really live. Kathy new how to live her life to the fullest. However it is going to look, I came home knowing I needed to live each moment.
Since i don't know how to take baby steps in anything, i ask myself... How can I live from the ground up, from the inside out? I am really connected spiritually, emotionally, I work really hard with the mind...spirit...but not so much the body....that is too scary....

What I had been sitting with and wanting was to have a good relationship with is my body. Luna is starting to wean more, my body is getting closer to being my own again... How can I step into myself and live fully? Food! I wanted a very different relationship with food.
I love food, and food loves me well. It has taken care of me when I have been sad, angry, lonely, happy, nervous, when I have wanted to celebrate...Food is this mans best friend. It never abandoned me. How do I detach from it emotionally and only allow it to nourish me? That was just the first step. Aaand, how do I not label this as a "diet" because the joy of eating is also connecting to the food and giving my body what it needs. I did not want to deprive myself. Sometimes there is such a thing as soul food. It feeds the soul:)

I started making raw veggie smoothies every morning. I also started making almond milk on a regular basis. While I was adding these yummy delicious clean earthy foods to the rhythm of my day, I decided it was time to make space for...what ever else is needed.
So I took out gluten. I had been entertaining the idea with eliminating gluten from my diet for a long time. I have very bad seasonal allergies, especially in the fall, and many people were telling me to take out gluten because it made a very big difference. A year and half ago I didn't think I could do it because I didn't want to. But in Jan. it happened sort of all by itself. My body was filled with so much nutrients, I didn't really crave it. Only when I told myself I couldn't have it, is when i wanted it. I didn't eat that much to begin with but again my emotional attachment was what stopped me. In the last 4 months, I have eaten it, sometimes it didn't effect me and sometimes it did. I would feel bloated, heavy, and would get a bad stomach ache. My mood was very effected. I became very irritable. Who knew?!

This brings me to my point. "Eating gluten free isn't really healthy if you are replacing your gluten with rice, corn, potatoes, sorghum, tapioca flours...they are higher in carbohydrates, lower in protein and other nutrients then wheat flour..Basically-the typical gluten free ingredients that are used in place of wheat are less nutritious than wheat itself."
It is like someone becoming a vegetarian and replacing their meat with processed soy isn't healthy...and soy is so bad for our bodies...

I have discovered using almond meal, then almond flour and it's differences...I make pancakes out of almond meal, pizza crust, and just yesterday I made pancakes that was a banana base. I love cooking and it is exciting to me to have this whole other door open up and recreate the meals that i love, that are more nourishing to my body. And I actually feel so much better.
I bought this book called the Gluten -Free Almond Flour Cookbook....almonds are my new favorite all its forms.
I am not trying to get skinny, it isn't in my genes, but I do want to love my body by what I put in it, and I do want to feel more energy, and I just want to feel clean. I am renegotiating my relationship with food and my body, and I am starting to feel the far living consciously with what goes in, is bringing me back to living fully alive...
I just joined a crossfit gym because my sister really inspired me. It is kicking my ass. And, I love it. And so does my body. It is tapping into depths of my physical self that I have been avoiding for a long time. It almost feels like giving birth. Your body is birthing this baby out, and it is a sensation you will never be able to replicate. Surrendering to the sensation, that sometimes scares you because you don't know when it will stop, when it will be over....You feel like you are going to die, and in some ways you do. You die and rebirth yourself in the process. The emotional attachment I have with enduring pain, not knowing when it will end, when it will be over....and surrendering to it. Being in my body, in my physical self brings up so much....Not sure what I will find. So I am walking gently and lovingly with all of it.

Kathy, you knew how to live and love, my dear friend. That is one of many gifts you have given me. Thank you for loving me so unconditionally.  I miss you so much.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bread Bowls and Igloos

The year 2012 is almost at a close. Reflecting on this past year has me sitting low to the ground. Being closer to the earth feels really safe and comforting. Letting go of what is and what was, and reaching for what will be has me breathing very deeply. My inner core is wanting to know what is my purpose, and how do I live and walk authentically. These are conversations I revisit over and over again. And so here they are again.

Questions are coming and no answers to follow. Oh I like those....I smile because I despise them as well.  Why such a need and desire of knowing?...the need for control takes over and lives with each step, and then I feel lost. Pressing the reset button all day sometimes to make sure my need for control is at bay. I wish for my heart to stay open, my throat to be sweetly free, my belly to stay soft, my eyes to see clearly, and my words to be truthful.
I wish for the practice of radical acceptance of self, my beloved, my children, and my family and friends...My wish is to let go of the beliefs I have tied myself to that no longer benefit me. And to honor that they once did.

It was the perfect snow for an igloo and snow people, but we chose to build an igloo. It was so much fun to play in the snow. The kids trickled inside as they got cold. It was lovely to be alone in the snow. I sat in the semi igloo feeling like I was being held. It was beautiful. And I wasn't cold. Not for a second.

"Deep own in the belly of the night
Dream sweet winter dreams
And lie safe in your grandmothers arms
Still as a seed,
Still as a seed"

 After Trinity went inside I made one more row on the wall so it was higher when i sat in it.

I made some red lentil soup yesterday and I made another version of a bread bowl. It was so much fun. The kids loved it. Perfect for a cold icy day.

Instead of making New Years Resolutions, I invite you instead to let go of things you no longer need to make space for the things that you do. Happy New Year!

...I would like to beg you dear *Being*, as well as I can, to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don't search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.

~Rainer Maria Rilke
**Sir** i changed it because i felt it was more appropriate. in the quote it is Sir.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fun Sunday

Very sweet day today. Felt nice to relax and be with the kids with out having to go out anywhere. We really got to dive into projects and stay there as long as we wanted. We have been working on holiday decorations. The kids love to make paper snowflakes. BellaSky learned how to make paper boats.  I felt like expressing myself artistically, so I went looking for some tutorials. I found Snowflake Stars. I made it while the kids made cupcakes. Yes, they made there own cupcakes with out my help. It was interesting to find myself in a moment where I wasn't needed. I prepped myself that it was okay to put the project down unfinished if the plan changed. I sometimes have a hard time walking away from something that I want to do. Because after all, I want to get lost in it a project. I did put it down one time, and I did get to finish it. It is amazing what happens when I let go and surrender to what is.  A truly beautiful day.

Showing Luna how to make boats

Boats and hats

boat in the water, no more boat, now fun with paper water

Clean Paper mush is fun. Recipe: two rolls of toilet paper, 1 bar grated ivory soap, 1/3 cup borax. We will try it next time.

Luna stepped on something and wanted to clean her feet..She is very capable.

Trinity's Santa

I love the tree

Making the icing with coconut oil..

She wanted to make cupcakes all by herself. It was her own recipe. They tasted really good. She was very happy with herself.

They were very yummy!

BellaSky wanted to make her own as well, by herself. When she needed help, she asked Trinity. And Trinity helped. It was very sweet.

Yummy Yummy!

Toilet paper fun and chocolate chip cupcakes...What more can you want?

the first snowflake

the beginning of the second

Put them together and voila.

It was very satisfying...And listening the kids make cupcakes was a treat in and of itself.

Playing hide-n-seek. Oh I don't see anyone!

It's blurry but funny

Just hanging out and hiding on the

they are funny people

Trinity asks to get beat up.

A cupcake and note for Dada

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I wrote a long post about feeling thankful. I realized that I didn't give thanks to my wonderful friends who hold me, love me, witness me, embrace and except me. You have been with me through many and much. There are friends that see all of me and stay. And there are friends that don't. That is a gift too. Thank you. I give thanks to you all. You are the sun that shines on me on the highest mountain, and you are the moon that blankets me in the darkest of chasms.
All of my love to you, my dear ones.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Preparing for Thanks

I decided to make two batches of pancakes this morning so there would be breakfast/snack available for the kids tomorrow morning. Do you ever have a Thanksgiving where you are so busy preparing that you don't eat? And neither do your children? Please tell me I am not the only one. I mean they are snacking, but all the burners are going that you can't cook something else. Well this year I felt it was important to prepare for that. I made Brazilian nut milk for smoothies, banana chia pudding, and the blueberry pancakes. Oh and I have cheese for cheese blitzes. And, left over enchilada casserole. They will be so happy tomorrow compared to other thanksgivings..(I am being facetious);)
Today not so much. Trinity wanted to add wire necklaces to her Etsy account. I couldn't help her. Bellasky wanted to make wish dolls, then check the coop for eggs(the roosters attacked her yesterday, now she is terrified to go outside. And, they will be slaughtered on Friday by George's mother.) They had a really hard time waiting for me to be done. I know this feeling. I can relate.

I suddenly went from feeling good, to not feeling good, and anxious. i almost didn't want to cook anymore. The reason why I continued doing it was because in that very specific moment it was better then doing anything else.  As I am flipping pancakes and making nut milk, I asked myself why. Then I realized my need to reflect. Just reflect on my life, my growth, my passions the moment. I just wanted to be with my feelings. I didn't want anyone talking to me, asking me questions, need me. I just wanted to be. Just be. Just the food and me. As soon as I realized what I needed the anxiety subsided. I didn't feel like I didn't want to help them anymore. I just wanted some space. The resistance to helping them let up. As soon as i was done with the banana chia pudding I could help Trinity download the pictures while still making pancakes. I was able to be in compassion and patience again rather then be tight and stiff and uncomfortable.  I contracted with myself that after I was done cooking, I would alternate with them and myself. Help BellaSky, then be with myself, then Trinity, then myself, then Luna and so on. Honestly that is what today will look like.

Parenting the way I parent, is intense and challenging. And if gives me awareness of self, opportunities for growth, having intentions, and self love in a way I have been needing in a really long time. It's expansive. It is scary, and it is the only way I know how to do it and want to do it. My children deserve that, and so do I.

It is crazy to see how cooking has become a place of reflection for me. I love cooking, but now I would like to create space to intentionally reflect. Not sneak it in. What a gift today.

I am thankful for my children who show me how to live my life. I am thankful for my partner who loves all of me always and in all ways. I am thankful for my family I chose to be born into because with out the eight of them, I wouldn't be who I am today, my light and my dark. I am thankful for myself and my commitment to self love. Finally, I am arriving.


Monday, November 5, 2012


I have been feeling really stuck lately. I sit from a distance and watch myself. I feel the contract between my selves who sit in negotiation. Who is going to do what? And the all of my parts are saying, not me! I sit and I want to jump in but I feel stuck. It isn't my place to. The same way I mother my children, sitting and observing. Knowing and experiencing the differences from when I jump in and solicit my opinion, my loud voice, and when I just stay at bay, and watch. Their experiences of making decisions are the building blocks to their own foundation of self. Who I am to get in the way of that. That's the base line. It's only after that, that my guidance comes in. (that may be confusing to you, but i can't stop to explain what that means) This practice I can do for them, but not for myself. It makes me feel lost.

The parts of myself- all my parts, my selves, if you still don't know what I mean, how about this? You know when you are explaining your feelings, and you say, a part of me feels this way and another part of me feels that way....or you can feel one way one minute, then have a opposite reaction another minute, sometimes it even shocks you. Those are the different parts of you, and they all matter, all of their feelings are valid. None that need to be changed. Mothering the inner child is allowing all of our selves to have a voice and a space to express them and most importantly, honor them. The next step? Making sure those parts are not in charge. Next step?  Integration.

All of my parts are here with me all the time and I am getting to know them by listening. really listening, and watching. It feels like I am unraveling what feels like a sweater, but then I find myself in an unraveled wardrobe. I am drowning in a mess. And like trying to clean out that closet of junk or baggage, you do not know where to start. Well, Fall is here and Winter is around the corner. I need to clean house. My house, my inner home. And these younger parts of me don't want to. And, that makes me feel stuck. Simultaneously, I am observing. Creating the space for my younger selves to come out and speak their mind, because I haven't allowed them to before. She/me(the younger self)  hasn't been mothered, nurtured, cared for, tended to, in the way she needed. She had to grow up really fast. And she is done taking care of others.

I am finding that balance of letting others take care of me and trusting their yes, finding what feels good inside of me, and be a parent. I am practicing asking myself, does this feel good? or what feels good?. What do I really want and need in this moment? It requires the listening, and noticing the resistance in me. And not just seeing it as bad behavior but digging deeper underneath it. The same way i do with my children  Do you remember? Are they bored, tired, hungry...So I can honor its origin. And then move forward.

Someone I know posted a blog about primary food and secondary food. I just shared this very philosophy with some homeschooling friends last week. The signs are there for me as reminders. What are my primary foods? I am trying really hard to figure them out. I am finding they are under deep deep places. Which requires more unraveling. So I am now surrendering to finding the comfortable in the uncomfortable. This deep inner work never stops. And when you think you are finished, another layer of the onion peels away. And you are back at the same place, only with new eyes and deeper clarity and..more work. That is where the growth lies.

This morning I woke up, and I wanted to move my body in a way that i felt so much resistance for a really long time. Running. I hate running. It scares me. To fail scares me. To quit scares me. To feel parts of my body that hurts, scares me. And I wanted to run. I also like following a structure of some sort. And I have been entertaining the idea of, From the couch to 5k. It is manageable for me. My kids wanted to go. So we all went. Aside from the two dogs, friendly dogs running after the kids, (it scared them) it was so much fun. My body bringing me to a far distance, made me feel strong. It hurt my chest, not surprised, since my heart feels really tight and closed... I felt movement, engagement, connection to my body. I also felt my younger self, maybe entertaining the idea of a relationship with me. Allowing herself to trust me to love and nurture her.
Like I said, movement.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weathering the Storm

Over the weekend we did so much preparing. I filled up 9 gallons of water for drinking, gathered wood outside, just in case we need to build a fire, but then I forgot to put a tarp over it. I realized it when it was raining yesterday. As I am preparing, all I could think about was, what if this is it? The thing that so many people are talking about, the collapse...or the end of civilization as we know it.... I honestly was asking myself, do we have what it takes to survive? Well we have 7 chickens, there's meat, can we even eat laying hens? Maybe just a lot of stock. By the way, they are not laying eggs yet. Anyway, my mind kept on going and running very far away from me. I was taken out of my head when BellaSky asked me to play baseball with her. Thank god, for that. I was going a little nuts trying to plan our survival. I will add that i was looking forward to not having electricity, just to experience what it would be like to live with out it.

What we did during the storm is not much different from what we do on a regular basis. Only they stayed in doors all day long. And because of how strong the winds were, they decided not to go outside. They watched from the open window.They have much respect for Mother Nature, they did not want to get in her way.  I baked bread, we baked chocolate chip cookies, lentil soup, egg salad...I made something else I can't remember.

BellaSky really loves bread.

One of the children in our home educators group came up with the idea of a Homeschool Art Show. It will be held at the Frobes Library in Northampton. It will be a big to-do. There will be a reception for the show as well on November 9th. Very Exciting!

Trinity is making the frame around her drawing.

 I really enjoyed watching them think about what they felt inspired to create. BellaSky asked for glass and magnets. So I went out Monday morning to Michaels to buy them, among other things that we needed. And, BellaSky wanted to make hers under the table..She is so funny.

The one in the middle is my favorite.

Luna actually had the camera yesterday took lots of video of the house. She is downloading some video now...I'm kidding.

Luna decided she wanted to be in the art show too. She painted her piece this morning. Her description is so funny.

We will add the frame tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Halloween!!!! AND IT ISN'T CANCELLED! Even better.
Luna's costume is ready to go. Trinity painted the skeleton. She wanted to be a mummy, but changed her mind at the store..Side note-I love Savors in Springfield.

Fortunately, we still have power and our trees. We weren't hit bad. Sending love to those that did.